About us

VdeGust is a brand in the agri-food sector dedicated to the production and sale of cooked snails and sauces. Created in 2017, it is part of the company Mas Can Carlina SL, founded in 2014 by Ramon Brunsó. The workroom is located in Cornellà del Terri, a village in the Pla de l'Estany region. For more than three generations, the Brunsó family has had a specialised retail outlet selling eggs and live snails in the León market in Girona.

The idea of creating VdeGust arose as an easier and more convenient alternative to be able to eat the snails cooked and prepare them to taste. The snails, of the common type, are purged with more than a week of fasting and cooked with water, oil macerated with spices and aromatic plants, salt and cayenne for more than 90 minutes at a controlled temperature, thus achieving a snail that is mellow in the mouth and tasty to the most demanding palates. The products offered by VdeGust are canned snails, refrigerated snails and two tomato sauces.

Currently, work is being carried out on the Mas Can Carlina farm in order to implement nurseries for common snails. In this way, the aim is to recover the native species of the area.

Corporate Philosophy


Our mission is to provide an easy, fast and convenient alternative for our customers to eat and prepare snails to their liking.


Our vision is to be a leading company in the cooked snail sector, offering a high quality product that improves and enhances its properties with a good quality/price ratio.


-Proximity: VdeGust works with the common snail, one of the most common land snails in the Catalan Countries, as well as other products such as tomatoes and aromatic herbs that are produced in-house.

-Experience: Being the third generation to continue selling live snails in the Plaça del Mercat del Lion, in Girona, our family has been dedicated to the world of snails for decades.

-Quality: One of the main objectives of VdeGust is to offer a product with the highest guaranteed quality, enhancing all its flavour and preserving its nutritional values.

-Environmental Responsibility: Whenever possible, recycled materials will be used for the elaboration of the products. Thus, the trays of the refrigerated snails are made with sugar cane pulp, which is 100% biodegradable.