The snails cooked in a tin are prepared to make eating snails as easy as possible. It is a very complete dish and prepared without having to add any other ingredient.

The snails are carefully distributed on the tray over two sauces: the first sauce is lighter and the covering sauce is a little more powerful. These two sauces ensure that the snails adhere to the sauce.

The snails have a shelf life of forty days in the refrigerator. In this format, we offer two sizes of tins: 30 and 56 snails.

Selection and cleaning

A first selection is made to discard broken snails, snails that are too small or too large.

First, the quality is checked and snails that are not suitable for cooking are discarded.

Snails are selected in the average size of between 4 and 6g.

Once selected, they are carefully washed to clean and awaken the snail.


Cooking is done with sunflower oil, spices, aromatic plants and salted water for about 90 minutes.

Once the cooking is finished, the snails are separated from the liquid and cooled quickly to improve and preserve their organoleptic qualities and to improve their preservation.


Once the snail is perfectly cooked and cooled, it is packed in double-layer aluminium trays. These trays can be placed directly in the oven and are also suitable for the microwave.

The snails are prepared with two sauces: a base sauce with oil, tomato and garlic, among other seasonings, and a topping sauce with tomato, perol meat, onion, oil, ...

In order to preserve the snails, they are placed in a transparent bag to be vacuum-packed in a controlled atmosphere.

These conditions improve their durability without affecting the quality and flavour of the snail.

Background sauce
Background sauce
Placement of snails
Placement of snails
Covering sauce
Covering sauce