Canned snails with garlic mayonnaise (allioli) and parsley

Ramon Brunsó

An exquisite and easy-to-make dish, perfect for lovers of traditional Catalan cuisine.

In order to prepare the snails with allioli and parsley, we will need the following condiments:

  • A 400 g bag of refrigerated snails or a 400 g bag of VdeGust canned screws.
  • Allioli (you can buy ready-made or make your own)
  • Fresh parsley
  • A can of canned snails to measure the quantity of snails.


  • The first step is to place the snails in the tin so that they are upside down.
  • Next, and depending on how much you like it or not, add the allioli on top.
  • As a last step and to season, add the fresh parsley leaves on top of the snails.
  • With the oven previously heated to 170 ºC, place the tin of snails in the oven and leave for about 10 minutes.

Once all the steps have been followed, the snails are ready to serve and enjoy!